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Window Scenes

A window in a building can be an art object. It reflects the inner world of the tenant. Often in the windows you can see whole collections, for example, of antique pharmacy bottles, models of ships, dolls, vases or mini greenhouses. It took years for many windows owners to fill the space with their wonderful collections.

Besides, in the windows you can always see the reflection of the external world, or external objects like trees, clouds, houses, and even your own reflection. These images are also an excellent addition to the composition on the window, the second background pattern on the glass – in a way it is the reflection of the outside world.

Hidden Pond

A nymphea, a water lily or a lotus is a flower of amazing beauty, shrouded in myths of the nations of the whole world since ancient times. You can only enjoy its beauty in summer time, and if you pick it like a wild flower and put it in a vase of water, it will die on the same day.

Nobody lives there anymore

Destructions in the course of time are inevitable, but they are not always terrifying. Of course, “beauty” is associated exclusively with grooming and freshness …. But if you look at the landscapes with old abandoned houses, or inside these houses, you will be able to see their beauty as well: facades are overgrown with moss, and more and more from year to year they have been hiding in the trees; the walls are covered with beautiful patterns of cracks. Corrosive paints are cracking, crumbling, turning to dust, revealing a true framework of the walls. The views of old abandoned houses create the impression of sadness and static; you come into contact with history, slightly associating the images, you have seen, with ancient ruins.

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